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"Just Awake" is a new direction of neo jazz: dark, roaring, ambiguous and aggressive. It breaks the sonic ground while remaining lyrical and fluid all the time, even in the chaotic movements. Pure avant-garde.


Antti Lähdesmäki (FIN)

Pauls Pokratnieks (LT)

Daniel Andersson (SE)

The minimalist music continues with "Dream of Pike Lake" (Andersson with the bow) that evokes a beautiful landscape that is calm and disturbing at the same time; memories, melancholy, longing for stays lived in other places. A remark, correctly, no boasting is needed to convey sensations.

-La Habitación del Jazz

The listener has no chance to be bored even for a fraction of a second.

All twelve unstretched compositions, as mentioned above, are created by free improvisation, during which the protagonists show a congenial creative feeling for building structure and texture.

***** - Jazzport

And when they bring forth the lyrical, like in the eighth track “Just Awake pt. 2”, one can simply lean back and enjoy

A fine debut from three musicians one should follow.

-salt peanuts*

A real jazz pearl!


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